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Blitzwolf BW-FYE3: Bluetooth Earphone with a difference

The BlitzWolf BW-FYE3 is part of a budget-friendly line of true wireless earbuds, focusing towards delivering a decent sound and a comfortable wearing experience, while completely removing the hassle of dealing with cables.

The design and Build Quality
亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合 Almost every BlitzWolf earbuds have tried a different design approach, but there are some clear similarities between it and its predecessor, the BW-FYE4, both featuring a cylindrical-shaped main body and an elongated plastic portion which ends with the silicone tips that get inserted inside the ear. The BW-FYE1 also had a plastic case, but the shape felt more natural and the soft top flaps did help a lot with keeping the device into the ears, while I had some trouble getting the BW-FYE3 in the right position.

Each of the two BlitzWolf BW-FYE3 earbuds measure 1.02 x 0.78 x 0.98 inches (WxLxH) and weigh approximately 0.15 ounces which is to be expected considering that they have to carry all the necessary hardware inside the small case (each has its own Bluetooth antenna) and, when put next to the BW-FYE4, they do feel more refined in terms of design: the earbuds are covered by a black glossy finish, lacking any physical button, instead featuring a circular touch-sensitive button surrounded by a thin LED ring.

Audio Quality
The sound quality of Blitzwolf BW FYE3 is very good and vocals are quite crisp and clear. The bass of the earphone is not that great but still a decent enough for this price range.
亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合 The BW-FYE3 True Wireless Stereo Headphones built-in the 6mm HiFi stereo horns which deliver you high-quality HiFi stereo bass sound. It is a good choice to make a phone call or listen to music. For calls, I can hear the other party quite well, and they indicate that they hear me well too. The comes with a noise cancellation which can maintain high-quality call even in the low network area.

Battery Life 
亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合 The Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 is fueled by 40mAh battery with 2600mAh charging box. 2600mAh battery box can also be used as an emergency power bank which can charge the earbuds about 30 times. The charging box uses micro USB data cable for charging which takes about 1 hour to charge the earbuds and about 3 hours to charge the charging box fully. We find that they charge pretty fast and deliver sufficient playtime of three hours and more.

The LED of earbuds and charging box will flash green when the battery level is under 35%, it will pass from green to blue alternately when the battery level is from 35 to 75% and will flash blue when the battery level is above 75%.

Connectivity and Controls
The earphone run on Bluetooth 5.0 and connecting it to a device is very easy. When you remove the Blitzwolf BW FYE3 from the case they go to pairing mode and you can connect it your Phone or Laptop by selecting “BW-FYE3 L”. Once you have connected it to a device, every time you remove the buds from the case it will connect to the previously known device automatically.

亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合 The earbuds have a single multi-function button. You can press once to Play or Pause a song or to answer an incoming call, to reject it long press the button and to hang a call, press the button once during the call. To return to a previous song, you need to long press the touch button on the left earbud and to go to the next song, long press the button on the right earbud. Double press the button summons Google Assistant. There is no option to adjust the volume directly from earphones.

亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合 IPX6 waterproof and sweat proof.

亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合The earbuds can be used as mono as well as stereo.

Auto power on/off and auto charging.

Bluetooth 5.0 with stable transmission and low power consumption.

HiFi stereo sound with Φ6mm drivers offers excellent audio quality.

亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合Charging box can be used as a Power bank to charge other devices.

The charging case is bulky, but it provides the room to equip 2600mAh battery.

亚洲综合香蕉在线s频|亚洲精品国产免费无码|亚洲aV综合Earbuds are super glossy, and they attract fingerprints easily.

The BlitzWolf BW-FYE3 is an excellent value for money. So, if you’re looking for affordable, easy to use and reliable True wireless stereo earbuds, BlitzWolf BW-FYE3 won’t disappoint you. At this Bluetooth earphone is available for purchase at and is sold for $26.99

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